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What DNS name servers do I use for my domains? Article rated 3.1/5.0
Please use ns1.unlimitedadulthosting.com and ns2.unlimitedadulthosting.com as the name servers to point your domain to our servers.

What are your network connections? Article rated 3.1/5.0
With the scale of our hosting operations we are able to have completely redundant and multi-homed gigabit uplinks directly connected to the backbone providers. In the event of a failure with one provi...

How do I change my cPanel password? Article rated 3.2/5.0
Login to cpanel, go to the "server" tab, and click domain password.

What methods of payment do you accept? Article rated 3.2/5.0
We accept credit card payments through 2checkout as well as paypal, and bank payments through paypal. We also accept physical payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. When mailing physi...

My script is asking for a root/base path? Where is it? Article rated 3.1/5.0
Your root path is /home/[username]/. In most cases, your files will be in /home/[username]/public_html. If your username is user1, your home directory would be /home/user1/ and your files would be in ...

How do I access the billing panel to pay my bill? Article rated 3.2/5.0
You can access the billing panel with the following url: http://www.unlimitedadulthosting.com/billing/clientarea.php?systpl=uah Please login with your email address and the password you specifie...

What is your limit on Inodes? Article rated 3.1/5.0
We don't limit inodes on our unlimited adult hosting.

Do you really offer unlimited space and bandwidth? Article rated 3.2/5.0
Yes, we offer unlimited space and bandwidth (within reason). Although we don't have specific limits, please keep in mind that a fair use policy applies. That means if your account is using the majorit...

How do I cancel an account or service? Article rated 3.2/5.0
Log into your billing panel. Click on “Services”, then “My Services” and you will see your order information. Proceed by selecting “View Details” on your right. Once your product/service i...